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The House meets in homes and once a month we come together as one big gathering.

Most weeks each month we meet in homes around the county, each meeting is about 2 hours. Usually the first hour is a meal together and the second hour is a time of teaching, sharing and praying for each other. People of all ages are welcome.


We have kids join in the discussion time but we have activities like coloring sheets and building blocks and other toys to keep kids engaged. We like noisy groups. The sound of kids of all ages is always welcome and we never want you to feel like your kids can’t enjoy our time together.


On the first Sunday of every month we meet at the new Lynden Middle School at 10:07am. We have a time of worship, teaching, taking communion, a message for kids and prayer. We don't provide childcare as we want kids to be engaged in the time together.
However we have lots of activities and opportunities for kids to engage in during our time together. At the end of the gathering we have some food and hangout.

Come and check us out. We think you’ll make the House your home.

When we Meet


The first Sunday of the month all our houses meet together at 10:07am at the new Lynden Middle School with a meal afterward.


The rest of the month we meet in homes.

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